The month of June had a monumental celebration for us a care provider. Glenholme had the pleasure of holding a celebratory 5th-anniversary event at one of our homes, Holdingham Grange. The remarkable 64-bed home based on Sleaford was filled with residents, loved ones, local government officials and Glenholme Healthcare’s Managing Director, Kent Phippen. 

Over 200 guests attended the anniversary party which included a live jazz band, outstanding fruit sculptures, gorgeous bouquets, a roaring BBQ and fun for adults and children alike. Everyone was in high spirits and enjoyed all the celebrations had to offer.

We also took time to honour a couple of our residents who were the first to arrive in 2018 when the home originally opened. Our first-ever residents who arrived in 2018, Tony and Audrey were gifted with a hamper and adorned sashes for the celebratory moment. We were also glad to share our gratitude to the amazing men and women who’ve been working at Holdingham Grange for the past five years with tokens of our appreciation It was a great way to celebrate their significant role in Holdingham Grange’s history thus far.

A special thanks to the following the incredible team at Holdingham Grange and our Eton Head Office who made the event special. In particular, the kitchen staff team whose creations not only visually amazed everyone but were equally as delicious. Our fantastic activities coordinator and home manager and deputy. Their efforts are really what made the party go off without a hitch.