Reporting a Concern or Incident

Glenholme prides itself on ensuring it has the best working environment possible, that is why when there are incidents, there are procedures in place and whistleblowing policies we follow. We will take any concerns seriously and appropriate senior members of Glenholme will be notified, keep a record and follow up on any issues raised.

It is therefore the responsibility of each of our employees to ensure that their behaviour and conduct align with Glenholme’s Statement of Values. Poor practice, harassment, discrimination and abuse of any nature should not be tolerated and must be reported immediately if there are any concerns or suspicions.

All Glenholme employees, service users, visitors and stakeholders are actively encouraged to report any concerns related to poor or inappropriate behaviour, such concerns may include:

  • A criminal offence
  • Financial irregularities
  • Abuse of any kind towards people we support and fellow staff members, resident or visitors to the service.
  • Breaching the Glenholme Code of Conducts and regulations in any way
  • Harassment of any kind (this includes in-person and digitally)
  • The health and safety of any individual being endangered including service users, staff or members of the public
  • Discriminating against any service users, staff or members of the public based on (age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and ethnic background). This is not an exhaustive list.
  • Concealment by a person of any of the above
How to raise a concern: Complete the form below. Concerns will be directed to Zoe Hunter, Head of Clinical and Quality Delivery at Glenholme. Alternatively, please call 0800 0929 160

Please provide as much information as possible including:

  • Date of the incident
  • Location of the incident (if applicable)
  • Nature of the concern with any helpful additional information
  • Whether you would like to remain anonymous or would like to be contacted

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