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Here we lay out how our referral process for new service users works. Normally this can all be done within a few short weeks or could be over a period of several months depending on requirements. Overnight stays may also be beneficial to some individuals. We aim to make sure that all placements in our services are a positive experience. Each placement is person-centred, bespoke and developed to meet the needs of the individual.

Referral Process

Referral Information

Initially, we gather information about the individual requiring support and their care needs, to review against our current voids and services. We ensure the individual has funding for their care and support from the local authority/CCG etc. Individuals will have a social worker or someone that coordinates and governs their care and support.


We assess the individual where they are currently residing and we like to include the individual as much as possible. To support the collation of information we include family and support networks (current provider, education and health professionals and social workers/care coordinators etc.) This enables us to capture a holistic picture of the individual as a person in addition to their support needs. During the assessment we ensure that we can assess whether we can meet the support needs, mitigate risks and where the individual will be most compatible in living with others, we like to ensure age, needs and interests are well considered.

Support Proposal

Support needs for the individual are identified and costs for their care are developed and agreed upon with the funding authority. We will propose the appropriate service to ensure the individual can be effectively supported and where they would be most happy.

Tenancy (Supported Living only)

Housing forms are completed and the tenancy start date is agreed upon with our Housing Partners. Housing benefits will be applied for following the gathering of the individual’s financial information to enable rent to be paid on their behalf.

Environmental Considerations

Professional input is explored as needed for any adaptations for living spaces. This will be done in conjunction with the OT.


Transition hours and needs are identified for the individual. This is alongside any additional and bespoke training needs, that may be required for the staff to ensure the needs of the individual are safely and effectively met. Some individuals may not need a transition but to some individuals, this is paramount to ensure that the move-in process is as smooth as possible. The individual can get to know their new staff team and the staff team can get to know the individual and their care needs.

Care Plan and Risk Assessments

Care plan, risk assessments and any other documents prior to move-in are completed. This is done with the individual so that their needs and wishes can be represented in a way that best reflects how they want and need to be supported.


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