Complete Support for Daily Life

At Glenholme we are able to provide a continuum of support for an individual’s ever evolving needs and aspirations.


Before making the final decision to move into a Glenholme home a comprehensive pre-admission assessment will be completed which will concentrate on the persons’ needs and wishes.

Personal Life
Personal care, medication and attending healthcare appointments.

Life Skills
Domestic tasks, shopping, cooking and budgeting.

Activities and Recreation
Their choice of hobbies, access to community sports activities and swimming.

Skills Development
Daily living, communication and learning opportunities through local college and other courses.

Group and community activities and spending time with family and friends.

24-hour care
Someone always available to be there day and night.

Personal and environmental safety and security.

Holidays and outings
Individual or group trips and outings in the local area as well as respite and live-in care for holiday breaks.

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More Information

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