Transition into adult services

Our team can offer advice, information and help plan a smooth transition for people with learning disabilities.
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Transitioning to Adult Services

Our team can offer advice, information and help plan a smooth transition for people with learning disabilities.
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Transition into adult services

The young people referred to us often come from the family home, Child Services or Educational settings. As an organisation, Glenholme is able to offer a range of services, which can meet demands and versatile support needs.

We ensure that our services are quality homes, high specification, safe and can meet the needs of individuals, the right environment is imperative to successful support. Compatibility within services is paramount and we careful match age, support needs and personalities. This ensures our homes are a happy place to live and individuals can reach their full potential.

Transitions can be difficult, causing anxiety and uncertainty, we understand this is exceptionally harder for those we support. We aim to make the transition to our services a positive experience. Each transition is person-centred, bespoke and developed to meet the needs of the individual. We will mirror existing support approaches, daily activities and routines to ensure familiarity and reassurance to the individual. This supports the achievement and progression towards outcomes and goals and how their needs can be met in an optimum way.

The aim is to support young people with their transition into adulthood by exploring their needs, wishes and circumstances, and helping them to plan for their future. Each young person and their family are encouraged to take an active role throughout this process to ensure they are appropriately listened to and at the centre of planning and decision-making. The transition process sets objectives for delivering the best experience for young people and their families. To make the process as linear as possible we work with support networks and multidisciplinary teams, to provide additional support and consideration as to how transitions take place.

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Glenholme is passionate about delivering safe, individualised care and support to promote independence, choice and inclusion. We work hard to provide the support we would want for our own family members. Our staff teams are able to support individuals with diverse needs and we support and care for both local authority and self-funded residents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the transition process take?

This could be over a period of months, weeks or days. Overnight stays may also be beneficial to some individuals. You can learn more about our full referral process here.

Where should it take place?

This may be our staff visiting the current residence of the individual, the individual may come to their new home with their current support team or some transition may be carried out in the community.

Who should carry out the transition?

Key people from their existing support team should be identified along with a core support team of their new placement. Family members and professionals may also be involved.

What will ease the transition for the individual?

Familiar items, favourite activities, helping to buy or take things to personalise their space at the new home, social stories and looking at pictures beforehand to aid information processing will all help.

What eventualities can be planned for?

The individual may present new or challenging behaviour due to being unsettled or anxious, knowing how the individual usually presents or responds, pre-empting allowing for strategic and positive support approaches, how can we ensure a positive experience.

Will new routines or activities need to be introduced?

The individual’s support team will need to identify what their weekly plan look like, and introduce new experiences/activities/tasks to associate with their new home. The transition to their new home will also need to make allowances for any other coinciding transitions taking place such as new college, day service, activities, job etc.

What goals and aspirations does the person want to achieve with our support?

Its important to know how the individual wants to be supported, their wishes for the future and that goals for maximising independence are set.

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