We pride ourselves on creating homes that are engaging and continue to stimulate wonder, excitement and purpose for our residents. At Bispham Gardens, it’s no different. Regular activities are coordinated for our elderly service which boasts up to 52 residents at full capacity. Angela Peake who is the Activities Assistant is at the forefront of delivering them. Since the New Year, Bispham has been taking on interesting new pastimes. The residents have enjoyed musical treats, ushering in the year of the rabbit and getting crafty with their hands. Kicking off the activities in the month of January, the care home was visited by Tickle Pink Productions for a pantomime performance of Aladdin. The show was such a great way to get some of our elderly residents up and have a little boogie with the cast and staff.

A Bispham resident, Ron, took to the floor and showed off his moves with a cast member to the tune of ABBA. Tickle Pink are regularly at the home and has provided lots of great memories and laughter for each resident.
2023 in the Chinese calendar is the year of the rabbit according to ancient mythology. Our residents enjoyed being exposed to new cultures. The weekend celebrations involved partaking in the gifting of red envelopes which usually symbolise good fortune in Chinese culture.  The common room was decked out with lanterns, and there was a special song styling from one of our staff members to get everyone in the mood. Overall, the day was a success as all the residents who took part were thrilled to be part of the day.
Lastly, international flower day was yet another chance for Bispham Gardens to get stuck in with some recreational fun. In order to celebrate, a few of the residents who usually part take in flower arranging, put their learned skills to the test. They selected beautiful flowers to be encased in a clear gel making ice sculptures, that were later decorated in the garden.

We’d like to take a moment to thank everyone who takes part in conceptualising the various events and activities. Making Bispham a pleasant place to stay for all who call it home.