Future Builds

Glenholme is committed to delivering outstanding support in first class surroundings. All of our Homes offer a secure home in a modern and well-maintained property. With any new development, Glenholme will focus on establishing a long-term engagement and relationship with the local community, help to reduce the demand on local hospital beds and reliance on NHS staff, and create jobs for local people, both part-time and full time.

Glenholme operates nationwide and prides itself on the quality of its facilities. Always located in a secure setting, all of our properties are spacious and well designed. With all new developments with intent to be sympathetic with its surroundings and environment, both natural and built and consider the impact of a newly built structure and its impact on existing services.

Our Future Builds

Service Location Development Stage Accommodation Type
Sheffield, Yorkshire Planning Senior Living Care Home
Brigg, Lincolnshire Planning Senior Living Care Home & Surgical Theatre