Glenholme Awards 2024 Nominations


We are delighted to announce we are back with our third Glenholme Care Awards 2024 ceremony. The senior management team of Glenholme want to take this chance to show their appreciation for our colleagues and recognise their hard work and dedication. In a change from previous years, our categories have been reworked to focus more on values instead of having fixed awards for different roles, allowing for more diverse nominations from across our organisation.

It is now down to you to nominate your team members who you believe have gone above and beyond. Below you’ll find a list of categories for which you can nominate members of the Glenholme team. Submissions will close on the 31st of January 2024.

Nomination Closed

Winners will be revealed on 22nd March 2024.

Our Categories

Glenholme’s Values Ambassadors

A person who exhibits multiple core values that the company holds closely. Safety, respect & dignity, hard work, independence, equality and diversity and individualised care. (There will be multiple recipients for this award)

Behind the Scenes Star

Honours an individual or team in non-frontline roles whose contributions significantly enhance service quality and operational efficiency. (Such as maintenance, housekeeping, administration etc.)

Best Debut Award

Awarded to someone who started employment with no experience however has hit the floor running and made a fantastic impression.

Empowerment Enabler

Celebrates a person or team that goes out of their way to empower service users, making them feel valued and heard.

Collaboration Spirit Award

This award recognizes an individual who embodies the essence of teamwork, readily offering assistance across various business domains and contributing significantly to the success of projects beyond their usual scope.

PBS Champion

Honours an individual who consistently embodies and promotes positive behaviour support in every aspect of the care they provide.

Excellence in Care Award (Individual or Team)

A person or team that has presented themselves as a cut above the rest and sets the gold standard in caregiving, demonstrating unwavering excellence and commitment to superior care delivery.

The Motivator Award

Awarded to the person who motivates anyone around them – be this resident, colleagues or anyone else they meet. This person is highly motivated to do their best and support everyone else to achieve their goals too.

Above & Beyond Award

This award celebrates an individual whose exceptional dedication and effort transcend regular duties, markedly enhancing the wellbeing and joy of residents and/or staff by consistently delivering more than expected.

Health and Happiness Hero

For someone who makes significant contributions to enhance the physical and mental well-being of service users and colleagues.

Dedication & Devotion Award

Honours someone with long-term service and unwavering commitment to the organisation and its mission.

In addition to the above, there will also be awards to services based on training and staff retention stats.


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