Glenholme Healthcare Group is pleased to present our outline proposals for a new care home and orthopaedic theatre facility on the land at Bridge Street, Brigg.

The proposed development will transform the presently vacant site into a state-of-the-art care establishment, boasting 35 ensuite bedrooms meticulously designed to cater to the elderly and those afflicted with dementia. Adjacently situated, an orthopaedic surgical theatre will be run by the esteemed One Health Group. Renowned for their expertise in Orthopaedics, Spinal care, General Surgery, and Gynaecology, One Health Group actively collaborates with the NHS. Their commitment lies in curtailing wait times and presenting patients with optimal choices. It’s paramount to note that treatments conducted by One Health Group are offered at no cost to the patient.

Our vision extends beyond the buildings. The scheme will encompass an array of communal spaces, coupled with an intricate landscaping plan. This design not only ensures a serene environment for our residents but also augments the aesthetic appeal of the broader landscape.


  • The Care Home promises to cater to Brigg’s growing need by delivering top-tier care in a contemporary setting.
  • Glenholme is deeply committed to fostering enduring ties with the Brigg community, offering dedicated spaces for both residents and their families.
  • The state-of-the-art surgical facility is poised to substantially alleviate NHS wait times across multiple surgical disciplines.
  • This development addresses both the soaring patient demand and the pressing shortage of inpatient provisions in Brigg and neighbouring regions.
  • One Health will introduce exclusive spinal procedures, marking a first for the entirety of Lincolnshire.
  • The twin facilities are anticipated to generate a diverse range of employment opportunities for Brigg’s residents, spanning both part-time and full-time roles.


  • The orthopaedic theatre is designed on a single level; however, owing to the extensive mechanical and electrical provisions, it will exude the facade of a two-storey building.
  • The care facility will feature 35 ensuite bedrooms, elegantly spread across two floors.
  • A three-storey connector will seamlessly join the care facilities. The ground floor will encompass a shared reception and a chic bistro, while the upper levels will accommodate dedicated laundry and kitchen services.


A care home creates relatively low levels of traffic even at its peak times and the impact of vehicles on Bridge Street, along with neighbouring roads, will be very low. Staff change over times avoid peak traffic times and will not increase the number of vehicles currently on the road at this time.

A travel plan will be submitted to the local council that will show vehicles will only be used by staff and not residents, reducing the number of vehicles often expected when developing a site for housing.

Aerial View Of The Site, Outlining the Location
Proposed Site Plan

Proposed Location

Proposed Location


Glenholme wishes to establish itself as a neighbour in the community, that will provide high-quality care for all who reside in the home along with their family and friends. We welcome your comments on our proposals, which we will endeavour to consider during our application process. You will also be given the opportunity to provide comments on our scheme through the normal local authority statutory consultation process.

We look forward to working with you during this process.


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