At Glenholme, we are always so proud to share stories that showcase the growth and development of our residents. Most recently, Levi from our Bedford-based specialist care home has shown massive strides in his progress. The 19-year-old Bob Marley enthusiast, who enjoys long walks and visiting parks, has lived in Shakespeare House since last year.

Levi started a new college this September and the fantastic team at Shakespeare House supported him with his transition to attending Sense College. in phases to ensure he was settled. His parents along with a social worker and Sense College staff collaboratively worked with our team to find a pattern that’d slowly phase Levi into college.

He was initially set to attend the specialist further education college for a couple of hours three days a week. Since the start of the term, Levi has done exceptionally well, so much so that we withdrew our Glenholme staff who supported him during his days in college. Levi has taken to his time in college like a duck to water. The advancements he’s made in such a short space of time have meant the initial plan to keep him on a phased routine until Christmas has been altered to Levi attending college on a start full-time basis three days a week.

The staff at Glenholme and everyone involved in his individualised college transition care plan are delighted about the rate at which Levi has settled in. The reggae fan is extremely happy and proud of himself, like so many at Shakespeare House. We’d also like to extend our gratitude to the staff at Sense College who have made this a smooth and settling environment for Levi.