This residential story is particularly special because it was submitted by our Registered Manager, Chris Smales from Vincent Place. He proudly shared the year-long progress that one of his residents has undergone.

Over the last year, Steph Allen has become more independent than before. She proved that you can achieve anything you set your mind to with her most recent milestone.  The resident has been working with practitioners from Hertfordshire to reduce her medication. Steph has become increasingly independent with an active social life and is now able to administer her own medication. The supportive staff at Vincent Place give her a helping hand with ordering the medication but she’s in full control of the majority of the process.

At the beginning of the year, Steph set herself a challenge to live a healthier lifestyle by eating well and joining a Slimming World Program. She’d always been active but wanted to alter her eating habits and the weight loss group was the perfect way to stay accountable and build friendships and community.

Since joining the program she’s lost 3.5 stone, earning her the ‘Woman of the Year’ award. She has shown commitment to the journey and frequently shares her tips on healthy living with the other residents of Vincent Place and the staff team.

Everyone at Vincent Place is so proud of the way she’s stepped up over the past few months. Her journey has served as an inspiration for all those around her and it just goes to show how much can be achieved through a change in mindset and lifestyle approach.

A massive well done to Steph from Chris, the team at Vincent Place and the wider team at Glenholme.