This past week, from Monday 15th- Sunday 21st of May was Dementia Action Week. An annual campaign raising awareness of the Alzheimer’s Society charity organisation. At Glenholme, we believe in providing the best care for the people who live in our homes. Vera James House is one of our care homes based in Ely with a dedicated Dementia wing. Initiatives like this, mean so much to people across the country but in particular, our residents in which Dementia impacts.

The team at Vera James put their charitability at the forefront of their activities with their regular Macmillan coffee mornings and Dementia Café. The Cambridgeshire-based care home produced a number of interactive sessions that are centred around memory, and coping mechanisms and there’s always lots of fun to be had.

Each day throughout the week, an activity took place; from their going digital Monday to music therapy, tucking into some classic food and watching old adverts and newsreels from childhood. All this made for an interesting time for all involved. As the staff team learned a lot from the residents who experienced a lovely nostalgic moment. There were some notable highlights last week that stood out for both the staff and residents at the home.

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During their technological–going digital day, the hope was for the residents to link back to a time when people “kept in touch”. They used video calling to connect with overseas friends and relatives. The staff also took it upon themselves to demonstrate to the elderly residents how to use YouTube, and apps on mobiles to help enhance their experience when reading and learning new things. One resident, in particular, was shown YouTube and through that was able to rediscover his favourite singer which he shared with others.

The sound of music was carried on through music therapy, which allowed the residents of Vera James House to reminisce about a time when they first heard these songs. During this week, the old newsreels and adverts went down very well with the residents. Simply watching old BBC continuity brought back a flood of memories, and from that some really great production and engaging discussions were had.

Lastly, the residents tucked into some old-school British meals and delicacies of the past. On the menu, were classics like mashed potatoes and even spam. Overall, it was a week to remember for all who were involved. By looking at the things of the past, the incredible staff at Vera James created new memories for the resident to think about. If you’d like to learn more about our Senior Living Care Services click here, alternatively call us on 01529 406 000 or message us to learn more about our care or facilities.