On Friday 22 March 2024, we hosted the third Glenholme Care Awards ceremony to show appreciation to our colleagues across the organisation, and recognise all their hard work and dedication over the last year.

We are delighted with the participation we received during the nomination stage with over 700 nominations from colleagues, family members, and the people we support – more than double the number from the last Glenholme Care Awards!

The judging process was carried out by a series of panels made up of family members, managers, and members of the senior management team. Many of the judges commented on how difficult it was to choose between so many brilliant individuals.

All of our winners received a £250 cash prize, and our runners-up received £100 each.

There were a total of 39 prizes given to individuals and teams, and we’d like to congratulate our wonderful winners:

Cheryl Chadwick (Holdingham Grange)
Empowerment Enabler

Ebony Foston (Holdingham Grange)
Best Debut Award

Angela Turner (Thimbleby Court)
Behind the Scenes Star

Melissa Gilbert (Eton Office)
Collaboration Spirit Award

Bridget Ntale (Warwick Manor)
Health & Happiness Hero

Steph Wagstaff (Remote)
PBS Champion

Karen Dobson (Shakespeare House)
Dedication & Devotion Award

Ivy-Rose Coxall (The Marlowes)
The Motivator Award

Octavio Correia (Haddon House)
Above & Beyond Award

Michelle Willson (Haddon House)
Excellence in Care Award

Sanjay Vidanapathairana (Holdingham Grange) & Joanne Creasey (Thimbleby Court)
Glenholme Values Ambassadors (Senior Living)

Pansy Ludford (Haddon House) & Letitia McKenna (Shakespeare House)
Glenholme Values Ambassadors (Specialist)

Vera James House & Crown Mews
Stability Star Awards

Vera James House & The Marlowes
Training Excellence Awards

Haddon House
Director’s Choice Award

Huge congratulations to all our finalists, and thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in voting and judging.